Art Of Jaguar – Banging Buddies 04

Hey there guys and gals, welcome to more new art of Jaguar comic issues. We bring you a fresh one in continuation to the last one that you’ve seen. The banging buddies continues as Clyde finally manages to get to Bethany’s house in the end. He knocks on the door and the person who answers is a tall and sexy woman with short white hair. Clyde deducts that this simply stunning mature woman must be Beth’s mom and well, Bethany is sure a chip of the old block as it were. Well, stuff’s about to get really interesting as soon as he walks in and of course you can see the whole thing right here today!


After she opens the door for Clyde, miss Harmon here calls for Bethany to get downstairs from her room. As she comes to the top of the stairs, Clyde is impressed with her too. She was sporting a nice and tight top that sure was emphasizing her big round tits as it squeezed them, plus just a pair of small white panties and a pait of cute socks. The babe tells them they’d be studying in the kitchen as last time she took someone to her room, she ended up not studying at all and banging all afternoon. Well while they argued, Clyde got some pretty awesome, amazing and sweet views of these babes and their sexy bodies. See you soon with more artofjaguar comics!

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