Art Of Jaguar Public Toy 05

Well here we are again everyone with the continuation of last week’s art of Jaguar comic. Public Toy’s issue this week returns to miss Alexa and her … Well…Little issue since last time you saw her. She was all nice and stuck in a wall and couldn’t get free. Lucky for her some workers on the site came around to inspect what they had to do today and they found her. Lucky for her they’re helpful folk and offer to give the simply amazing lady a hand with her problem. We’re betting you guys are eager to see what happened next so let’s get this artofjaguar update going and see the events unfold in this new issue shall we?

The guys took notice of this beauty and they talk about how to go about it. They do end up calling her a bit silly for getting stuck the way she was, to which she wasn’t really amused to hear. Either way, these two were good people so they were going to do their best to help her out of the wall. And you got to hand it to them that they had to sit through the views of this little minxes’ cute striped panties as well and that simply gorgeous and sexy round ass too. Anyway, sit back and enjoy the view of her sexy butt and general rear end as they try to help her out and do come back next week for another new and hot update everyone.


Watch here these workers helping the sexy babe!