Art Of Jaguar – The Jungle

Hey there guys. welcome to some fresh and juicy art of jaguar porn scenes here this week.  We’re back in action with a brand new issue here from a brand new comic and you get to have first dibs on this one today. You see, there’s these two guys that got lost in the jungle and lo and behold, they got found by a group of half naked women more or less. So these tribal babes too interest right away and decided to bring them back to the village where they could introduce them to everyone. Yes, this artofjaguar issue explores that idea of two guys getting to be surrounded permanently by some very beautiful women that will get to fuck them every day from now on.


So sit back and relax with this jaguar comics issue as you can see them first being quite confused about the whole thing. The babes just take them on their back and carry them back to the village. Naturally they are scared at first, but then they realize just what’s going on and they calm down. Pretty much the rest of this issue has them fucking pretty tribal babes for the rest of the scene and it’s just incredible. Take your time to see it all go down and do remember to come back next week for another new gallery as well. We’ll be waiting right here for your return everyone so like we said, make sure that you come on by to check out the next issue!

Check out these tribe women pleasing their slaves!