Jaguar Comics

Hey there everyone. Welcome back to a new and fresh ¬†jaguar comics update as per usual. And featuring inside of it you get to see the adventures of a frustrated driver of a limo that gets to visit his employer’s bedroom. He has business to attend to inside there and well, the thrill of getting caught is quite the drug for him. Sit back and relax as you get to read on and watch as he goes for a raid on the cute babe’s panty drawer this afternoon. He plans to play around with them while he masturbates furiously and you get to see it all. All he needs to do is not get caught. Well let’s take the time to see the action and enjoy the view of it shall we everyone?

So as we said, you get to see the guy get busy with the panties and there’s so so many to check out and choose from. Take the time to watch as he gets to try them on and before you know it, he seems to be on the ground pleasing himself as he masturbates using the said panties. He’s enjoying himself quite a lot until the babe catches him in the act. It seems he was in there too long. Well it’s not like she doesn’t enjoy some kinky stuff as well, so check her out giving him a nice foot job and see her making him cum once more all over her feet. We hope that you enjoyed it and we’ll be back soon with more new scenes for you. See you then!


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