Art of Jaguar – Bangin’ buddies

Well here we are and we bring you some very hot and sexy updates from now on. And you can bet that you’ll only be able to see them here at art of Jaguar every week. To start things off today we have one superb scene with a hot and sexy blonde wearing just a sling bikini and she gets herself two guys to have fun with. To be fair, how could the guys refuse such a sexy and hot woman when she feels in the mood to have some fun. And we bet that you will love her too after you will get to see this simply stunning and hot update that we bring you.

As this superb and hot artofjaguar update starts off you get to see this gorgeous little lady as she makes her entry wearing the above mentioned sexy and hot outfit today. The two guys have a hard time resisting to her charm, and pretty soon they get to touch her sexy and hot body. Watch this babe enjoy herself the attention she gets and see her exposing her big and round juicy tits to you and those two in this superb and fresh scene. We’ll be seeing you next week with some more fresh and hot scenes like always.


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Banging Buddies 02

Another fresh week and time for another art of Jaguar update. We have the second issue of Banging Buddies here for you and we know you already love this series. We get to see Clyde’s crush, namely miss Bethany as she asks him for tutoring sessions as soon as class is over as all of these things just go over her head. As always you know we bring you the simply best issues with the hottest cartoon babes that you can see having some wild times and miss Beth here with this series isn’t exempt from the whole thing. Well anyway, let’s not delay any longer and just get to check her and Clyde out in this second issue of the comic shall we?


Oh rest assured that this blonde cutie knows just how amazing she looks and she herself adores to have all that attention. As she was talking to Clyde you can see a lot of faces turning in the hallway as they were checking out her simply incredible body. So anyway, as she makes arrangements with Clyde to meet her at her place later for “studying” she also gives him nice views of her big cleavage. Those mighty fine and big tits of hers are just too eager to come out of her shirt today. And you can also get to see a great view of her sexy ass as she leaves. Well that was one long and sexy teasing session from her this time. Enjoy!

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Art Of Jaguar – Banging Buddies 04

Hey there guys and gals, welcome to more new art of Jaguar comic issues. We bring you a fresh one in continuation to the last one that you’ve seen. The banging buddies continues as Clyde finally manages to get to Bethany’s house in the end. He knocks on the door and the person who answers is a tall and sexy woman with short white hair. Clyde deducts that this simply stunning mature woman must be Beth’s mom and well, Bethany is sure a chip of the old block as it were. Well, stuff’s about to get really interesting as soon as he walks in and of course you can see the whole thing right here today!


After she opens the door for Clyde, miss Harmon here calls for Bethany to get downstairs from her room. As she comes to the top of the stairs, Clyde is impressed with her too. She was sporting a nice and tight top that sure was emphasizing her big round tits as it squeezed them, plus just a pair of small white panties and a pait of cute socks. The babe tells them they’d be studying in the kitchen as last time she took someone to her room, she ended up not studying at all and banging all afternoon. Well while they argued, Clyde got some pretty awesome, amazing and sweet views of these babes and their sexy bodies. See you soon with more artofjaguar comics!

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Banging Buddies 06

Now that Clyde was inside his colleague’s house in this new art of Jaguar issue he breathed a bit more easily. It’s safe to say that he still enjoyed meeting the mature lady of the establishment and now he knows for sure where his blonde classmate with long platinum hair and blue eyes got her looks for sure. Well as they were ordered they get to sit in the kitchen under the babe’s supervision so that she can make sure that this cutie is studying. Well, as you will quickly learn, the blonde has anything but studying on her mind today and she’s pretty adamant to make a fuck session happen one way or the other in this artofjaguar issue.


She has her vey own way of getting around the rules and as they started to get studying, the babe starts to tease this guy’s crotch with her foot. She can sense him getting harder and harder and she is going to play with his cock today whether he likes it or not. Besides, since he’s so good at teaching her, she has one or two things that she can teach him, namely how kinky a babe can get when she’s desperate for a fuck. Anyway, do take your time with this one as you get to see the luscious blonde teasing this nerdy guy with her sexy feet as she’s rubbing his cock. We hope you had fun with it and we’ll return soon with more for you to see.

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Art of Jaguar Banging Buddies 07

You guys remember Clyde don’t you? He’s the nerdy student in the past art of Jaguar update that got to visit one of his classmate’s house. As you know, he’s here to help her study. Yes it is a her and if you will remember correctly she’s one fine looking babe, just like the mature babe that happens to be her mom. Anyway, today she’s going to be doing a little bit more than just plain studying and Clyde is going to see that himself today. While the mature babe was getting busy with cooking, the blonde got underneath the table and started to tease Clyde. Oh, you will be in for one hell of a show this afternoon so let’s check it out.

This artofjaguar cutie right here knows her way around a cock rest assured. She’s been known to bang dudes in college and Clyde himself was hoping to get lucky with her. Well not as fast as it’s currently happening, but still he wasn’t about to pass up the chance to let this beauty play around with his cock. He was super hard just from her touching it and she knows how to treat it nicely. Take your time to see her lubing it nicely with her juicy lips and expert tongue and then see her giving Clyde a tit fuck that he won’t be soon forgetting. Do check out the previous updates we have around here to see more. We’ll see you soon!


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Art Of Jaguar Better and Better

Another fresh week and time to check out some more superb art of Jaguar comic issues today. We get to see one mighty fine blonde getting herself some nice and hard black cock for this one and what you get to see is one hard interracial fucking session. The babe seems to have broken her ties with her boyfriend as he was just not satisfying her anymore and this babe decided to go on the prowl and see if she can score herself a dude with a far bigger cock. Lucky for her this black stud was more than happy to help her out and for their first evening together, they sure got to have quite some wild fun in this artofjaguar comic.


They went straight back to her place for the evening and started to get busy. By the time they reached her room, both of them were naked and ready to party and the babe was more and more in the mood to take his black meat. Just about now, her ex came around and knocked on the door. Of course there was no answer as her and the black guy were fucking in her bedroom. As he went around the house and looked through the window, he got a nice view of his now former girlfriend getting her sweet pussy plowed hard style by a huge black cock and she was loving every second of it. Well she sure isn’t going to go back to him after all that!

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Buddies Issues

This week we get to see some more art of Jaguar with the two lovable nerds Clyde and Rufus. It seems that the two have tried to build themselves a nice luxurious car in an attempt to pick up ladies more easily. And it’s a nice car at that, powerful modern all the works. There’s one single problem though. It only has a single seat. Rufus was about to realize this flaw quite fast as after they were done with it he took it out for a spin to see how it runs. And on his little trip outside, he managed to cross paths with one smoking hot and sexy blonde MILF too. And Rufus being Rufus couldn’t hold himself back from cat calling this beautiful woman.

Well, she’s quick to let him know that he seems to have only one seat in his car. This is of course after he decided to be smart and ask her if she’d like a ride. Well Rufus get back to Clyde and he tells him that they need this as a two seater as fast as possible. The two of them get to work and before you know it the job’s done. Rufus of course heads out again as he can maybe still catch the blonde beauty and impress her with the car. Though he seems to be more impressed by her as she wasn’t shy about flaunting her sexy curves for him earlier either. So take your time and enjoy it as usual and we’ll see you soon with more!


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Art of Jaguar Dirty Homeless 05

Today’s art of Jaguar scene is sure to satisfy you as you get to see some very hot and sexy images in this issue with a very well endowed babe that gets to have some fun of the sexual kind with a much older guy. She’s a server at a bread shop and this blind man seems to have stumbled in. Well, you’ll see how this babe got in quite the predicament in a bit. As you can also see, she also has the most simply incredible body you can see too. Big and round juicy tits a small waist, tight pussy and a very sexy and round ass as well. Well let’s not waste anymore time and see this short haired babe taking care of her client for this one.


As the issue starts you see the guy stumble around. Well it seems that he ends up groping her big beautiful tits. Well she was enjoying the treatment rest assured as she just adores to have her big jugs massaged. Either way, she has to let him down easy as to not embarrass him and tells him that he found the “buns”. Well the guy knows very well by now what his hands are holding now and he’s not about to pass up the chance to play with this babe for just a bit at least. Take your time to see him fondling those big tits and sucking them as this cutie starts to moan in pleasure. It’s a great issue and we know that you will be back soon to see more hot cartoon babes!

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Dreams Of Alexa 61

Hey there everyone. Welcome back as per usual to another new art of Jaguar update today. We bet you remember the simply incredible hottie with bright ginger hair named Alexa right? well as you know the driver named Melvin got busy in her room with her panties and the chick is pissed. First and foremost she is extremely upset that she had to walk all the way back home because he forgot about her. Now the second reason is as you may guess, that he raided her panty drawer and made a mess of her room. Well she’s about to deliver some punishment today so let’s just get to check out this artofjaguar issue out and see what the two did.

Well it all starts with a loud opening of a door as Alexa busts in her room. There she finds Melvin sleeping on the ground among her lingerie collection that’s strewn about and she immediately starts yelling at him for forgetting about picking her up from college. Then she gets on the whole panty thing. And she does ask him sarcastically if this is how a pervert like him gets off to cute babes like her. Well since he’s been caught red handed he can stay down as she is about to deliver her punishment. He has to endure a foot job from her but we’re thinking that’s not going to be a problem. Check out this babe stroking the dude’s dick with her sexy feet and have fun!


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Professor Pinkus 04

Hey there guys. We bring you more new art of Jaguar scenes this afternoon and we know you’ll adore them. We have a new comic here with the adventures of profesor Pinkus a university teach and one of his students. And simply sizzling hot and sexy red head. That babe has curves in all the right places and you can bet that she has no trouble picking up any guy that she wants. Well she’s already taken, but that doesn’t stop this hottie to get some extra action every now and then discreetly. Anyway, she kind of knows that Pinkus is into her and she decided to tease him some more for this fine afternoon scene. So let’s watch the action.


As this new artofjaguar issue starts off, you get to see the prof pacing through class and as you can see, the only thing in his mind is this simply adorable woman. Another thing to note is, that this guy can hear them banging every time they get busy as this cutie is quite loud and he’s also living next door in the apartment building. He’s just in love with her voice after hearing her getting plowed hard style so many times and you can bet that he has lots of fantasies about this sexy hottie. Anyway, watch him enjoying the view of her generous cleavage this day and take your time with it. we’ll come back soon with more new scenes for you to check out and enjoy as usual!

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