Public Toy 07

Another fresh week and time to see one more art of Jaguar update today. We get to see the protagonist of the rich bitch series in some more encounters of the sexual kind and this one is quite unique. The sexy babe, since she has no driver for her school ride anymore, decided to go to school through an alternate route as you know. Well the two men have just about ran out of ideas on how to get her out and she is starting to get all pissed off. Now, it’s not a good idea in general to taunt the people that are trying to help you and Alexa sure was doing that in spades now. She was frustrated yes, but at the same time she was kind of deserving a bit of punishment.


And punished she got as well, because as you know, in this artofjaguar issue she’s all stuck nicely in a wall, with her sexy rear end sticking out. And well the guys were about to teach her a lesson in humility today. Check it out and see them starting to play with her sexy ass first as she starts to question what they were doing. She realized that she was in trouble now, but that didn’t do anything. Check the guys out undressing this gorgeous ginger haired babe and see them taking off those very cute striped pink panties that she was wearing and enjoy the delicious and sexy view of her pink pussy and ass completely showing. Have fun!

Watch here these workers undressing the hot redhead!