The rich bitch giving a foot job

Well here we are again. And if you remembered one of our past updates, you remember the guy that managed to get into his lady’s panties collection. Well she seems to have made a surprise return in this art of Jaguar gallery today and she was..well surprised to say the least. Well she does know that this guy is after her pussy, since that’s why she decided to give him a chance, but today’s scene left her a bit speechless. But that still was no reason for her to dump him by any means.

And so, instead of scolding, she gets in on the act as well. As even she herself feels a bit horny and she’s very much in the mood to have some fun with his cock. So to punish him today, she won’t give him any of her pussy, but she still goes for a nice artofjaguar play session with his cock. Watch her using her sexy feet to start to play with that dick of his and enjoy watching her making the dude cum time and again as he enjoys her special punishment today. Enjoy it and do drop by next week for more awesome and hot pictures!


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